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Your Dream Theater Done Right!

Any Size Question!   Ask us, we know!




       Stewart Filmscreen                          Acoustic Innovations           



Got a photo?  We’ll design it for you

Complete CAD drawings for your approval

Attention to detail of all factors

Consultation on all aspects of construction

Consultation with spouse to insure domestic tranquility

VIDEO - See Home Video


Comfort with clear sound and viewing angles

Real theater seats (many styles/colors/fabrics)

Proper arrangement of your furniture

Clear sight lines for all

Correct acoustics (placement and chair style)

Raised seating for groups

Bass Enhancers for chairs or couches


Crucial combination of design, room and equipment

Over 25 years experience

Certified and factory trained installers

Expertise in all levels of audio/video, RF and IR


Finishing touches for your theater

Authentic movie posters

Personalized movie marquees

Velvet admission ropes

Yes, even real theater POPCORN MACHINES!


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